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Coaching and practical support for every entrepreneur

Start your business

Do you have a good idea and do you want to start your own business? How to start-up, what do you need and how do you know you can do it? Follow my special start-up programme and just do it. Don’t only think about it! Travel from idea to business in 10 steps with start-up coaching.

Grow your business

Are you stuck in some areas? Working hard but hardly growing? Let’s have a look at the bottlenecks together and find solutions with business coaching. Sometimes it’s necessary to change your course. In a few weeks you’ll be able to determine your growth path with business coaching and you’ll achieve the results by focusing more.

International business

How to start-up abroad? Or do you have plans to expand your business abroad? How to find your way and useful networks in another country and culture? I’ll coach you online, business wise as well as personally.

Online coach

Skype coaching and off course face to face as well

Too many things to do and too little time! Scheduling time for coaching? Simple! Via Skype coaching or by phone we can have excellent coaching sessions. Often combined with e-mails and sometimes with face-to-face meetings if requested.

It’s easy to plan in your agenda, you don’t have to travel and the threshold is very low to keep in touch. You don’t have to wait until the next session with your questions. Ask them right away. Sometimes writing is more comfortable than talking. All is possible with online coaching. Whatever you like!

About Lisette

Nice to meet you! I am Lisette Brattinga-Haker and I coach people like you from all walks of life. I am there to guide you in achieving your professional goals. Assisting you from all around the world – to strive and shine in all what you do! That is my passion!

I wish everybody to grow and shine in theirs businesses and lives. May all your time and energy result in reaching your goals. I’ll support you to make your plans and to realise them. Being complementary to you, I’ll provide you with alternative skills, which will promote your focus and well-being. You will answer a lot of questions, you’ll gain insight and you’ll move on.

Face to face and via Internet, I coach many entrepreneurs and international business people. Easy, efficient and effective!

 I’m a certified Professional Coach and familiar with all methods and ways to guide you. I’m member of the Dutch St!r, NOBCO and the European EMCC.

How does it work?


What’s your key question to me and your goal? These are the first topics of our first free intake. We’ll spend time getting to know each other. We’ll talk about the possible path to follow and we’ll determine the amount of sessions (mostly 5 to 6).

Get to work

We’ll talk about your company and personal goals. Personal, useful and targeted. That’s what you will experience in coaching sessions with me. My questions will stimulate your thinking as well as your reactions. Sometimes you’ll do an exercise or you try something we discussed.

Practical and useful tips and tricks

From my experience I have a lot of practical and useful tips and tricks to share. Being complementary to you, you will achieve your ultimate goal.

Online coaching and time

Business coaching can be perfectly done online via Skype or phone. Often combined with e-mails and sometimes with face-to-face meetings if requested. One coaching session takes approx. 1,5 to 2 hours.

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