Bottlenecks or change your business model?

Solve them with your business coach!

What are the problems and bottlenecks?

1. Problems with focusing? A lot of entrepreneurs just go. Perfect! But do you have a clear vision of your goals? Are they realistic? How to keep focused? Let’s talk about this.

2. Busy, busy, busy? Planning, coordinating, organizing, finance, networking, visit new customers…your agenda is quickly filled. When managing people at the same time, you have even more stress factors. Coaching helps you to create overview and to structure what has to be done.


3. Difficulties with sales? How to close deals? What kind of marketing do you do? Which ones are effective and what choices need to be made? We’ll discuss the current situation and all possible options. After this session you’ll get back to work with the output right away.
4. Change of strategy? How to reach your targets in a faster way? How to proceed and how to cope with the problems along the way? So much is going on, you have a lot on your mind. What to arrange, what is really important? Sometimes there are parts of entrepreneurship you do not fancy much. Let’s find solutions and answers together.
5. Change of business model? Think years ahead, out of the box, where is your energy, determine your customers value and how to move on? These are crucial steps in finding your new future path. We’ll discuss it all together.
6. You don’t know your ‘WHY’? Where do you believe in? What makes you run your business every day? What makes your company unique? We’ll go back to the basics by talking about the ‘WHY’ of your organisation, the ambitions, goals and new opportunities. This will give you the right input for your future business plan. Cascaded to every level in the organisation, so everybody knows how to contribute to the targets. Very specific and useful!

Do you have a totally different problem? It seems very hard, but I can assure you, after some business coaching, you will know where it comes from and what to do about it. I’m sure!


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